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Fleet Management
We provide customized, seamless and affordable solutions for all your fleet management requirements. OTIS for Fleet Management gives you a variety of tools to monitor your fleet including GPS tracking and alerts to help identify recurring events and proficiently deal with any incidents. Intelligent Dispatch Technology connects your fleet with our dispatchers to ensure the most current and accurate information about shipment status is always displayed on your online OTIS hub. Used with our Dedicated Fleet Management Service, your fleet is completely under your control.

GPS reporting and real-time capabilities offered by OTIS provide a range of information used to track and improve performance. The online OTIS hub allows a convenient place to instantly access information and perform administrative tasks, such as viewing customized invoices, managing orders or updating your address book. Live Chat can also be used to contact our dedicated client service representatives, who are happy to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

OTIS for Fleet Management completes the Dedicated Service package, designed to give you control of your fleet, fully outfitted to your requirements without the worry of fluctuating maintenance costs and logistics. We provide all the support necessary to make your business run smoother.